Monday, March 30, 2009

Week in (Quick) Review

Today was the first day back after spring break. It was relatively painless. Mason had his casting appointment today but the weather took a turn for the worst and I only made it to Gleneagle. I will be making the trip tomorrow instead. Hopefully there are no surprise snow storms.

Here are some cute pictures from last week. We stayed pretty busy rollerskating, playing in the snow, making cookies, swimming at the YMCA and watching movies.
I am finding it really hard to get a nice picture of all the kids together. The odds are pretty good that one child (Paige) will have her eyes closed :) She got it from her momma.Making the perfect snowball. Hmmmm......Who should I throw this one at?

Don't bother me....I'm eating.

Have a great week.



Paddywack Designs said...

I love seeing all the pictures of the kids... I have a blog just for jack its

brandiemohror said...

It's so funny to see one picture of Scott running without a shirt on and then in the next post see the kids playing in the snow! Crazy weather.

Glad you guys made it through spring break. Ours is the week after Easter, I need to get to planning.

As always, great photos : )