Saturday, March 7, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We are finally home from our long journey to China, home with our son. Man that feels good to say. We arrived home on Friday evening to our family complete with signs and balloons. It was awesome to see them. I couldn't hug my kids tight enough. They looked like they had grown a mile.
Thanks to Mom and Dad Werschky and Mom and Dad Wescott for taking care of the kids for 16 days and Jeff and Stacie and Kent and Victoria for weekend slumber parties. Thanks to everyone who helped out while we were gone, it definitely made our trip enjoyable.
We are slowly starting to adjust to the time difference. We (Scott, Mason and I) didn't sleep well last night but are feeling better today and hoping for a better night tonight. Mason already adores the kids. He is already giving them kisses. They crawl around on the floor with him and he cracks up. It is so good to see him so happy. He isn't completely sure about the dog up close but is very interested from afar. If Jesse is outside, Mason wants to be at the window watching her. The kids are being huge helpers! They want to hold his bottle, feed him, help dress him, be in the bathtub with him, pick him up, etc......very cute....I am sure the novelty will wear off in a few days :) Paige is squeakin' all over the house in her squeaky sandals and won't take them off and Alice is LOVING her Chinese dress.

These are a couple of pics that we took from our hotel in Guangzhou.

Now I am off to bed....


sara said...

Welcome Home!!!!

Susi said...

Welcome back! Glad to read you're all home again. Wishing you strength to get accustomed to all the newness - it's awesome how the kids get along!

3boys247 said...

Welcome Home Wescotts!

We can't wait to meet Mason.