Friday, October 16, 2009

Park Play

It is Friday and we are all healthy. For now. I know that sounds really pessimistic. Or just realistic? Sam and Paige have been home all week with the dreaded flu. High fever, headache, yucky cough and sore throat were their symptoms. Not fun. Most of their friends are home sick too. 106 kids gone from our elementary school yesterday.

Today, Sam could have gone back to school but it was a teacher workday so he was home again. We were needing some time out of the house and some tons of fun, so we headed to the park. It is a gorgeous fall day and the kids had a blast running, jumping, sliding, swinging and of course posing for pictures. Well, we couldn't have a park day without a blog post. Our life isn't that interesting :)

I hope you are all healthy and having a beautiful fall day!
Jennifer, mother of four.


Papa G said...

Boy what a cute bunch!!!


Grandma and Grandpa

mary said...

Just living your life is interesting,, you are so busy like all families.. I love reading your blogs.

I have to ask,,, did you see a silver balloon in your area??