Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Birthday Party {times 2}

In all the craziness of the 4th of July week, wildfires, a trip to Colorado Springs and visitors, I completely forgot to post about Alice and Mason's birthday parties.  Well, to start off, both parties were on the same day, one hour apart. Way back in May, I decided that it would be an awesome idea to have their birthday parties separately but on the same day.  I really can't be to blame because I made this decision sometime around the last week of school and if you remember that post, well, you know that I was crossing the fine line on crazy.  Anyway, they both had super fun parties and we all survived.  Barely.

I will start with Alice. She wanted a color party so we went with a rainbow theme.  Totally fun and sooo easy to plan around.  Think colorful food, primary colored balloons and tablecloths and tie-dyed plates and cups.  We had it at a local park that is appropriately named Rainbow Park.  Scott set up the slack line and it was a huge hit.  Huge. We also had a squirt gun fight and gave away colorful kites as the party favor.

One hour after we arrived home from Alice's party, the guests arrived at Mason's birthday bash.  Along with cousins, grandparents, Aunt Stacie, Uncle Jeff, Colorado Springs friends, brother and sisters, he had two classmates at his construction themed party.  They donned construction hats while sifting through a pile of mulch looking for giant bugs.  The cake was truly a dirt pile with mini diggers and excavators on top.  Most of all, he had so much fun running around, playing with his friends.  It was the perfect 5 year old birthday.  

If you asked him, opening presents might have been the best part :)

Once everyone had gone home, we collapsed cleaned up a bit and then got the kids some healthy dinner (of course, I have no recollection of what that might have been).  I can say with certainty that we did all sleep well that night!


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