Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Got Snow.....(and a couple cute kids)

So we have been getting quite a bit more snow lately.  Yesterday it snowed like crazy. Crazy blizzard style. Seriously.  Sideways blowin' kinda snow.  When I picked the kids up from school it snowed about an inch from the time I went inside to pick them up to getting back into the car.  And I was only in the school for 10 minutes.  Here are some pics that I took this morning and last week around our house. Today we are having a gorgeous, bluebird sunny day.  Love, love, love living in Colorado.

 taken off our front porch

taken off the back deck

The front porch and deck.  Evidently, it is a must to shovel your deck here.  If not, it might buckle from the large amount of snow.  What?!?!?

Happy Shoveling!

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Papa G said...

You will have it all shoveled by the time we get there...right?