Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thankful Thursday {Paige in glasses}

I am oh-so thankful for this sweet girl.
We just picked up her new glasses today.
Doesn't she look so much older!
Paige, our sweet, sweet lovebug.
Everything is just a little bit clearer today.


Jenn said...

Oh she does look older, and SO adorable. Kaitlyn will be jealous, she wants glasses so badly I bought her a pair of reading glasses out of the dollar section at Target and pushed the lenses out so she can wear them.

Papa G said...

Paige you look adorable! Hope to see you soon! Kelsey
hi hello bye bye. kate
I prefer contacts but I didn't have cool flower glasses Jacob
Glad that the world is a little clearer for you, Love and miss you Aunt Tracy
I couldn't imagine you looking any cuter. I love your new glasses and I LOVE YOU. Grandma

Looking good girl!! Papa G