Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Hunt

Our annual hunt for THE Christmas tree started out really well. We were actually hunting for two trees this year, a large one for the basement and a smaller one for the front window.  We found the smaller one pretty quickly but the hunt for the daddy tree went on longer than four kids can handle.  After quite a few tears and a stop back at the car to warm up hands and toes, THE tree was found.  Alice and Scott did the honors of cutting it down.  We hauled both of the trees on top of the car and headed home (well, Scott hauled them on top of the car but I was there to take pictures and moral support so I am going with WE).  Here are a few of the many (113 to be exact) pictures I snapped.

I hope you are having an awesome Saturday!
Much love, Jennifer

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Papa G said...

great shots! See you in a week!