Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Michigan 2010. Sleeping Bear Dunes.

Another day trip that we took was to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park.  We made the trip to the northwest side of the state in the minivan caravan.  Scott's parents, his sister, Amy, and her kids and Scott's brother and our sister-in-law, Tracy, and their kids all made the trek.  We had a fun, hot day on the dunes.  We ended up hiking 3.5 miles through the dunes to Lake Michigan.  It was gorgeous and the water felt really good after the long, hot hike.  Even though our kids have been to the Sand Dunes here in Colorado, they were really excited to get to the water and swim in the big lake. Sleeping Bear Dunes was a favorite spot of Scott and I when we were in college and it was fun to see the kids enjoy it as much as we did. 
 Alice standing at the top of the big dune. 
 Nephew Charlie getting his toes wet after the long hike through the dunes.
 Lake Michigan
 Mason sliding down a mini-dune.
 Sam, Uncle Matt, Aunt Tracy, Jacob, Kelsey and Kate enjoy a tall glass of water and dinner at Art's Tavern  in Glen Arbor.
 Sam, Alice and I loving the cool water of Lake Michigan.
 Paige working hard to get up the dunes.
 Isn't this water awesome!


Ileana said...

Wow, great pictures. Would you consider posting a few on our Facebook page? Bear Dunes Visitors Bureau

Papa G said...

How do you like the request from Ileana? Famous Colorado family the poster group for the dunes!!!
Love it!!