Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day

Paige made it 2 minutes and 30 seconds....

Samuel gave up after only 6 minutes....

Alice was the long lasting winner at 12 minutes 33 seconds....

........playing in the snow on a really cold day!

Yesterday the high in Col Springs was 5 degrees and the low was -5 degrees. Brrrrr!!!

Looking forward to a warmer weekend. I would say that I am really looking forward to summer but that might make me sound a tad crazy in the hair*.

Warm(er) wishes,

*Crazy in the hair is Sam's reference to somebody when he or she gets overloaded. I don't know who he would be refering to as I never get overwhelmed as a mother of four.

1 comment:

Papa G said...

Keep that cold weather in Colorado!! That is until we come out!! Love to all.