Thursday, December 10, 2009

9 Months Home.

December 6th marked Mason's 9th month with his forever family!

Here is the run down of the last month....

*Celebrated his first Thanksgiving.
*Met Uncle Matt, Aunt Tracy, Jacob, Kelsey and Kate
*Helped decorate his first Christmas tree
*Met Santa Claus.
*Ate his first candy cane and really liked it!
*Had his last foot appointment for six more months!
*He is walking and now running everywhere.
*Joined his brother and sisters in the annual Christmas pj picture.
*Learned to say Sam which made his brother really happy.
*Only signs Thank You and Sorry. His last two hold-outs.
*Loves Kai-Lan and repeats the Chinese words really well!
We are so excited to celebrate Christmas with this adorable little man! Here he is helping to decorate our beautiful tree.

Have a great weekend!


Papa G said...

Ain't life grand!

Paddywack Designs said...

Awww, I love the pj pics! Can't believe how much Mason has grown... I was just looking at old pictures of Jack at Christmas, he was around 9 months for his first Christmas too, so much fun!
Merry Christmas!