Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween Part II

We had a great Halloween night. The weather was beautiful and the kids were all in good spirits. Before we left, I thought that the kids might explode with excitement. They were bouncing off the walls. We came home with a ton of candy and the kids were even kind enough to share with mom and dad. Mason did really well and made it to 3 houses. Paige made it 3/4 of the way around the neighborhood and then was ready to go home. Her bag was getting heavy and her princess shoes had lost their appeal. Sam, Alice and I took her home and then hit a few more houses before they were ready to dig into the loot. It was a pretty quiet night at our house with only a handful of trick or treaters.

After our little goblins were sound asleep in bed, full of sugar and chocolate, Scott headed to Leadville for his annual romp in the woods with a gun. He and a friend from church went up last night so that they could be up early this morning at first light. Stay posted for more news on our freezer status. Will it remain at one or will we need to purchase another?

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