Monday, November 9, 2009

8 Months and 3 Days Home.

Okay. So I am a bit behind on my Mason post. We have been so busy that I hadn't realized that we had passed the 8 months home mark.

Mason is doing well. He is cruising around and wants nothing to do with being carried.

He answers most questions with an enthusiastic Yep! and sometimes with an nuh-uh. We prefer the yep, it is so much cuter.

He is still eating most everything we give him but we are pretty sure he has some lactose issues. I will talk to his pediatrician at his 2.5 year visit.

He learns new words everyday and is really doing a lot of mimicking. He has started to put two words together like more please and blue car.

He loves his baths. He would stay in there all day.

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Papa G said...

Now that is a true Punk dooooo!!!!