Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Hello all,

Yesterday, Mason had a better day. We got a few smiles out of him and some very happy laughs. We knew he had it in him, how could he not with silly parents like us :) I know you are here for the pictures so here goes....

After breakfast, we took a taxi ride to the Lotus Center, which can only be described as Walmart on steroids. The taxi ride was its own experience. Hard to believe there are not more accidents. Lanes on the road only seem to be suggestions (not taken) and the sidewalk is an appropriate place to pass. Pedestrians do not have the right of way anywhere, even of the sidewalk :) Anyway, we bought him this truck and a ball and he really enjoyed that. We enjoyed getting out of the room for a bit too!

Have a great day, we are missing you all!

Jennifer, Scott and Mason


sara said...

As we wandered through the aisles of the Lotus & admired the freshly butchered hogs? we wondered HOW this place was ANYTHING like "Wal-mart" - what must they really think of Americans?? LOL!!! Makes me look at Wal-mart in a whole new light :)

LOVE seeing the smiles!! Mya STILL wears that red lanyard from our trip to Henan :=)

Kristin and Doug said...

His smile is priceless! What a lucky kid he is. I hope the adjustment is going well. Love seeing the pictures and we are all so excited to meet Mason. Ian has been "God blessing" Mason every night. Safe travels!