Monday, January 16, 2012

Saturday Sledding

The kiddos had the day off from school today so we got out and did a little sledding. My tailbone is still yelling at me!
We have had a great weekend. Friends from the Springs (who have a condo in Summit County) came over for dinner on Saturday night. We had an awesome time relaxing, laughing and catching up on life. Thank goodness for great friends.
Sunday morning, Scott went ice-climbing with some guys from the shop and the kids and I stayed warm indoors. In the afternoon, Alice went to a birthday party for a friend in her class and the rest of us feasted on yummy Mexican food. Today we are getting more (and more and more) snow. It is really pretty and makes all those ski people really happy. We hope you have had a wonderful weekend.



Emily said...

:) jealous!!!!!!!!!!! i LOVE sledding- that looks like so much fun!!!!

Papa G said...

Do I have to do that when we come back out there?