Saturday, November 19, 2011

You know you live in a ski town when.....

.....a winter hat with tassels is stylish year round. can wear snow boots anywhere anytime with any outfit. can wear snow pants anywhere anytime with any tasseled hat.

....the check-out guy at Target greets you with a What's Up, Dude?

....your vocabulary starts to include words such as shred, fatty, avie, to name a few.  Let's just say shredding has nothing to do with cheese. have to pick up your mail up at the post office because there is too much snow for home delivery. go to pick up your sick kid from school and the last child to be signed out before yours was signed out to go shredding (again, nothing to do with cheese).

....the amount of SUVs totally outnumbers the amount of mini-vans in the school pick-up line.

....long underwear is just referred to as underwear.

We are getting some serious snow today.  We have has pretty nice weather and awesome blue skies but that came to a screeching halt this morning.  I love the nice days but snow is really good for business.  So, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.  This morning Scott and I had our first of many live spots on the local news channel.   I don't think that a career in television is in my future.  Probably because I sat frozen for four minutes and didn't utter a sound except for a tiny thank you at the end of the interview.  Scott did great and he will definitely be back on next week.

Have a great Saturday!


Abernethy Adventures said...

What an exciting day for the Wescotts! Girlfriend, that list is WAY too long for just being November. Jack and I missed you on the Saturday run.

Papa G said...

I want to see the TV spots. I want to see the TV spots. How?

ashley said...

Found your blog through HKI. Just wanted to say hello.....from a CO family! My DH and big boys are up enjoying some of that snow today :)