Saturday, September 10, 2011

Feel the Love

Today we spent most of our day at church.  Twice a year we have a community block party at our church.  All is free, open to anyone, lots of good fun.  The kids had a blast, running around like crazy between bounce houses, crafts, balloon animals, games, food and events.  It was a gorgeous Colorado day and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Again this year Scott had his bike repair tent and had tons of bikes stacked up for sizing, tuning and fixin' up.  He did step out of his tent to participate in the pie eating contest.  And....he won.  Now he is belly-aching about eating soooo much pie. 

Have a great Saturday evening! 


Emily said...

do you know where to get thw sacks for the sack race???

Jen Wescott said...

No, but I will ask and get back to you:)

Papa G said...

I want to know where to get the pie!!