Monday, June 20, 2011

Art Monday

Guest Blogger: Sam Wescott

Today we painted a mural on the basement wall. Last summer we painted the ocean and  this summer we are painting a meadow. There are mountains in the back. In the painting there will be animals like deer, birds, and a  mountain goat(s).  My sisters, brother and mom are helping paint. We are painting it on a wall in the workout area of the basement. There might be bugs in it also. So far we used the colors blue, brown, and green.  I hope we do a good job on it.  We don't want our deer to look like hungry bears!!!  Stay tuned for more pictures!

It is fun to paint on the basement walls because you can get messy and we won't get in trouble for painting on the walls!


Our art work so far.  We will continue to work on it throughout the summer!

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Papa G said...

Scott now these last posts are an expamles of what I was saying to you in my Thank You card. If you get my drift.