Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Pets

The dog is not a fan of our newest addition.  Unless you count it as food.  We are "babysitting" a chinchilla, indefinitely.  I think it is actually kinda like "keeping" but I am in denial.  Actually this little fur ball is pretty cute and so far, pretty low maintenance.  The kids think he is awesome.  Jesse does not. 
Unless you count it as food. 
Meet Fizzy, the newest addition to our growing animal kingdom. 
Okay, so maybe a dog, chinchilla and hermit crab don't count as an animal kingdom in some households but it does in this one.  Did I forget to mention we have 2 tadpoles coming in the mail?

1 comment:

Papa G said...

Looks like a nice scarf to me! Just kidding. Glad to see a new post, been missing them.