Saturday, October 2, 2010

My guest blogger today is my 8 (almost 9) year old son, Samuel.  He is in the third grade and plays soccer, runs cross country and really likes to read and build with Legos.  He is super smart and I am amazed by him daily.  The third graders are learning to type and input data appropriately on the computer and Sam needs the practice.  Sam's teacher is hoping to get all her students to the point where they don't need to look at the keys as they type.  Ha!  Lofty goals, I love it!

Today I had a soccer game. We won the game and the score was 3 to 2.  For the first half  I was a center fullback. In the second half  I was a left fullback.The people who scored were Quentin and Justin.  I think our team is getting better every game.  Did I tell you that this was our first win of the season?

Sincerely Sam.


Abernethy Adventures said...

We were at soccer today as well and missed you and your Chipeta crew again. We did see Aria. Keep up the good typing!
Yours truly,
Mrs. Abernethy

Papa G said...

Way to go Sambo!!!

Love Papa G