Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Naked. Mole. Rat.

Note: Naked Mole Rat in this picture appears larger than the real thing.

Today we took our weekly field trip to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Props to our awesome zoo on the side of the mountain.  It rocks.  Really rocks.  Anyhow, we went.  We saw.  And yes, they are naked. The mole rats, that is. 
Every summer the zoo has a temporary exhibit of some rare animal.  One summer it was giant fruit bats.  We skipped that one.   I can't imagine why.  Another summer there was a butterfly house set up.  Now that was cool.  I can hang with butterflies.  Giant fruit bats, no thanks. 
We spent a nice afternoon hanging out together, checking out the animals and having a blast along the way.

Have a great Tuesday evening,

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