Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just Another Day in Paradise

That was my thought as I was driving home tonight from the pool. As I drove past Garden of the Gods just as the sun was going behind the mountains. I know that I am totally bragging but I love where we live. It is beautiful.

Today, Sam and Alice had another swim meet. They each swam three races and Alice also did her first relay. I have to brag again because today Alice went off the block for the first time in a meet. Normally she jumps in off the side but today they blew the whistle to get ready and up she went like it was no biggie. I couldn't believe it. Well, she is seven now :)

This evening we met the Young's at the pool for some dinner and swimming. We grilled some yummy terriyaki chicken and feasted on edemame, salad and pineapple. As always, we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Just another day in paradise. Seriously.

Good night.

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brandiemohror said...

so great jen! you can totally hear your happiness in your post. I am glad you found your paradise : )