Thursday, April 8, 2010


5.30 miles.
5:45 am and I are going to become very good friends :) However, I am not going to befriend 23 degrees. She and I don't play well together.

Another few miles under my belt. And it is only 8 am. Feels good getting back in shape and working off my muffin top. One run at a time, one run at a time. Thanks to Kristin for encouraging me up the big hill. and if you know where I live, you know it most definitely is a BIG hill.

I am looking forward to nice warm weather today and getting lots done around the house.
Have a great day! Enjoy the sunshine (or the snow if you are in MI)


Papa G said...

Yes summer is over and the snow is beginning again!!!!

Love Papa G

brandiemohror said...

You go girl!!! Ps-you sooo do not have a muffin top.... you crack me up though : )