Wednesday, March 31, 2010


My friend Kristin and I ran 4.72 miles this morning. I met her in front of her house at 5:45 AM and we ran a loop around our neighborhood and finished back at her house. It was a gorgeous morning and the moon was high in the sky over the mountains. She is really great at the uphills and I definitely prefer the downhills. Who am I kidding, Kristin is great at running the ups and downs! She runs circles around me. Thanks Kristin for putting up with my groaning and slow ascents :) Man, the uphills kicked my heiny today. I am starting to train for the Denver Rock and Roll Marathon in October and a few shorter races throughout the summer.
It has been hard this winter trying to find times to run. Scott and I both have really taken it easy and now we are starting to step it up a bit.

Have a great day! We are enjoying beautiful weather!

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