Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Maybe I should be writing this post in Spanish? Okay, maybe not.

Yesterday, Sam and Alice had their track day at school. They both did well and came home with too many ribbons to count.

Believe it or not, Alice and this classmate are the same age. Maybe this wasn't the best match up :)

Today, Paige had a Mother's Tea at her preschool. It was so adorable. We sat on blankets and the kids had made muffins and chocolate covered strawberries to eat. They each had planted a marigold in a decorated pot and made a homemade card for their moms. At the end, the kids sang a sweet song. Paige sort of hid in the back with her hands over her face but I was thrilled because that is a huge accomplishment for my really shy girl.

After a busy day, she just couldn't stay awake.



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